Mac's Mud Brick Red 10kgs

    Mac's Mud Brick Red 10kgs

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    A strong brick red clay with a long history of popularity in New Zealand. This clay uses a very fine sand to add tooth and strength. The clay stands up well and alters forgivingly. Fires to a rich terracotta red. a great clay for the beginner right through to experienced potter. Made from 100% NZ clay.

    Best applications: Throwing and handbuilding, both large and small. 

    • Weight: 10kg
    • Mesh: #60
    • Bisque: 1000 degrees Celsius
    • Glaze: 1050 - 1180 degrees Celsius
    • Shrinkage: 6% wet to dry, 8% at 1050, 9% at 1100, 11% at 1150, 12% at 1180
    • Water Absorption: 11% at 1050, 9% at 1100, 5% at 1150, 2% at 1180

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